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Background: resides in a small village on the remote island of Karpathos. She studied History and Archaeology at the University of Athens and nowadays lives and works as a Philologist in Athens.   Sofia has participated at the ‘A Jewel Made in Greece’ exhibition at Zappeion Athens in 2017 where she won 1st prize in the Material Worlds category.

Meet the Maker:

1. What inspired you to start this brand?

It started with my desire to express myself and my life experiences through a form of art. I wanted to showcase my origins, my place of birth the island of Karpathos which is rich in culture and traditions, also what I’ve learned from my studies in Archeology,  and my passion for dancing at the Theatre of Dora Stratou. I quickly found that I could do that through jewellery design.

2. Was this what you always intended do?

I never imagined that I would design and create jewellery. Everything started by coincidence, an unexpected incident; a trip to a Greek island that got me in front of materials which later, through the joy of creation, lead me to discover the world of jewellery design.

4. Who do you most admire ?

I do not admire a certain person in particular, I do admire though, authentic and talented people. People that create unique things which act as a signature of their personality.

5. What is your most proudest achievement.

My proudest moment would be when I participated in the ‘Beware of Greeks 2018’ exhibition at the European Parliament in Brussels. Here I was selected to represent Greek jewellery designers inspired by Greek culture.