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We believe that fashion should reflect the finest traditions of artisanship and design.

Since antiquity Greek artisans have been making products of the highest quality, using materials such as leather, silks, gold and precious stones to produce jewellery, sandals and textiles. Today, the art of the of slow-made, handcrafted product lives on in ateliers and small workshops of Athens, and every other city in Greece.


During the recent Greek financial crisis, many architects, art directors, interior designers and other professionals lost their jobs. In spite of this, they forged forward, turning their skills into something new, and applied themselves to the traditions of past, and the art of hand-made.  As a result, what has emerged is a flourishing creative industry that dominates Greece today.

Greece has been always known for a tradition of creating high quality goods including olive oil, wine, and also more widely for its spectacular islands. Meanwhile, in a global industry dominated by fast fashion, we celebrate the Greek artisans who have been quietly working on slow-made products of the highest-grade and craftsmanship.  Greek Style Council provides a platform for these artisans in order to increase their international footprint.

This is how Greek Style Council began.


We are inspired by Greece.

Greek Style Council is a body of independant artisans, jewellers and designers, within a multi-brand online boutique.

We know you are looking for unique, desirable pieces to accent your wardrobe. Like us, you appreciate good design, especially well-made products which are not mass-produced. With you in mind, we have travelled throughout Greece, seeking artisans who epitomise creative excellence. As a result we bring to you a selection of desirable pieces, which we think you will love.

By shopping with us, you are not only buying pieces made by skilled Greek hands  and your purchase is contributing back to the makers.

With pride, we invite you to discover our curation .


Founder, Helen Tirekidis is a 2nd generation Greek-Australian. Her parents migrated to Australia in 1950’s, escaping a life of economic hardship in Greece. Helen’s father George, built a wholesale distribution business, and her mother Despina applied her handicraft skills as a seamstress. Inspired by her parents, and having held senior management roles within high fashion brands such as Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Longchamp and Giorgio Armani, Helen decided to create her own brand called GREEK STYLE COUNCIL.

“The ties between Greece and Australia run deep, so it seems about time the rising stars of Greek fashion become better known in Australia, just as Australian designers are becoming so well received in Europe. Who better than a Greek-Australian and especially the enterprising Helen Tirekidis to do that.”    – Marion Hume (International Fashion Journalist)