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Who Are We ?

GREEK STYLE COUNCIL is a multi-brand online fashion boutique established to showcase Greece’s emerging and established contemporary fashion designers.

We are now shipping across the world, with over 30 premium brands across Bags, Shoes, Scarves, Hats, Jewellery and capsule resortwear.

We invite you to discover this renaissance of Greek craftsmanship and fashion style – a love story between time-honoured techniques, ethical practices and exquisite design.


Our Mission

At the heart of GREEK STYLE COUNCIL is a desire to share some of Greece’s premium fashion brands with the world.

Greece has a long tradition of creating high quality goods including olive oil, wine and cheese. However, not so well known are the makers of hand-crafted fashion accessories.

In an industry dominated by fast fashion, we underline the need to now revisit slow-made handcrafted fashion accessories – and specifically the emergence of handcrafted fashion accessories from Greece.  We’ve travelled across the country visiting ateliers and workshops and hand-picked a selection of emerging and established designers. We work closely with our designers to make their pieces now accessible to you, and take pride in sourcing these unique creations.

Our highest purpose is to take Greek fashion accessories to the world, whilst elevating awareness of the ‘made in Greece’ label.

At the heart of GREEK STYLE COUNCIL is a desire to share Greece’s contemporary artisanal brands and its flourishing industry, with the world.


Helen Tirekidis created GREEK STYLE COUNCIL as a platform to herald the story of Greece’s re-emerging artisanal industry, borne out of a crisis. As a daughter of migrants from northern Greece, and with a background in high fashion, Helen decided to merge both worlds to create GREEK STYLE COUNCIL. Helen has held senior roles in PR, wholesale, marketing for Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Longchamp and Giorgio Armani.

“The ties between Greece and Australia run deep, so it seems about time the rising stars of Greek fashion become better known in Australia, just as Australian designers are becoming so well received in Europe. Who better than a Greek-Australian and especially the enterprising Helen Tirekidis to do that.”    – Marion Hume (International Fashion Journalist)