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Since ancient times to Byzantium, Greece has been at the forefront of hand-crafted jewellery and sandal making. Greece also led the western world in terms of culture architecture, philosophy, drama, politics. Greece has been a constant icon tying the past to the present, Despite not having the abundant resources and finances of its European neighbours, Greece has remained wealthy in great tradition and in the dedicated, dependable, hard-working artisans. As history demostrates, times evolve and countries re-invent,and today we are seeing the rise and growth of Greece’s creative industry. Every single day, thousands of hard working artisans across Greece produce some of the best handcrafted and small-scale products in Europe and the world. Not only world-class Olive oils, Wines, Skincare, Film and Design (and more) …We aim to share with you our discoveries of the smaller emerging Artisans of Fashion – which are 100% made in Greece.

Our mission is to search across Greece to discover and share with you the Worskshops/ Ateliers where Artisans designers live and breathe craftmanship, people who have been taught by generations before them and who still believe quality counts, to make them available to people like you, who value the highest quality direct from the source. We give you our insight into what that makes these Greek brands so great. Join us on our odyssey in discovering our artisans.  Considered, is a a place where we explore a selection of our brands and highlight all that is exceptional in their craftmanship.

The eye's have it

Award winning recyleable

The Original Authentic Fishermans Cap

Lost Wax method

Ethical and Organic materials

Upcycling Sails

Handcrafted hats

Crochet technique

The Art of the Loom

Hand-crafted Jewellery, rec stones