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We want you to know that we take a very considered approach to our selection of artisans. We are proud of the brands we represent. Our beautiful pieces are made by passionate artisans, who operate from small workshops and employ skilled local communities. Each piece comes to you from happy Greek hands.

We love the slowly made and meticulously crafted pieces made with skilled hands to yours such as Argalios and Sofia Papakosta. 

Lommer demonstrate minimal waste in their production methods such as no sewing, and utilising recylable materials, to and cleverly reinventing hardware such as ropes and seatbelts sourced by other local makers in Greece.

Decades before people were aware of the concept of sustainability, Ioanna Kourbela led the way. Not only by using locally grown fair trade certified 100% organic cotton, but by initiating projects in Europe highlighting the importance of  local sustainable development and respect and fair treatment of workers.

Sustainability Award winners Salty Bag upcycle discarded sails used in regattas across Greece, to cleverly re-purpose the sails into premium bags.

Maintaining traditions of century-old jewellery making techniques such as the ‘lost-wax’ method, which sees the reuse of molds rather than waste in using metal molds, is adopted by Elena Kougianou.

Many of our artisans have developed savoire-faire and know-how, as a result of skills being passed down from generation to generation such as Savapile and Irene Hussein.

Support for Made in Greece underpins everything we do. Our commitment to recycling also extends to how we ship our beautiful pieces to you. Your order may arrive in recycled packaging from the wine industry of Greece. By doing so,  this is our contribution to the global effort of recycling. Our tissue is also FSC certified, 100% recyclable and made using soybased ink.

We hope to inspire you with our selection. By shopping with us, you are contributing to keeping alive the small workshops in Greece;  helping them preserve their traditions and craftsmanship skills, along with the working communities they employ.

Upcycled Sails

Recyclable bags

Fair Trade & 100% Organic

The eye's have it

Award winning sustainable bags

The Original Authentic Fishermans Cap

Lost Wax method

Ethical and Organic materials

Upcycling Sails

Handcrafted hats

Crochet technique

The Art of the Loom

Hand-crafted Jewellery, rec stones