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Interview with Kayla Itsines


Welcome to our first Blog.  We look forward to inspiring you by introducing you to interesting people, bringing you insider tips on places to go, eat and stay in Greece and more.

We start with an interview with Australian born, global fitness entrepreneur Kayla Itsines. Greek Style Council got to know the real Kayla, her Greek heritage, and we got some advice too.

It’s no secret that Kayla Itsines is now an international fitness powerhouse, and recently named Top 5 Young Rich Lister in Australia by AFR. More importantly, Kayla is a fast becoming a role model to young women with global entrepreneurial aspirations.

GSC – Kayla, you live a busy life, juggling projects across an international stage.  How do you maintain a work/life balance?

KI – We all need time to ourselves – especially when we’re feeling stressed. I find one of the best ways to manage my stress is to go for a walk with my dogs, listening to my favourite music or just relax with my partner Tobi.

GSC – Everyone wants to know what you’re eating. What are 3 superfoods do you recommend?

 KI – My top superfoods are Turmeric, matcha and garlic. I like to focus on foods that are nutritionally dense and rich in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. I chat about this and a few more key superfoods in more detail on my blog .


GSC –  What is the ONE important thing we can do to keep fit, in our 20’s, 30’s 40’s, 50’s and 60’s?

KI – Never underestimate the power of a simple walk.  Walking is a great way for anyone at any age to keep fit. As a low intensity cardio exercise, walking helps to build our fitness levels, increases blood flow and can help to reduce stiffness in our muscles. It also has so many benefits for our mental health, helping us to relax and de-stress. I highly recommend a 30 minute walk every day, at any age, whether it be outdoors or on the treadmill.

GSC – We hear you love your Greek heritage. Where are your parents from in Greece?

KI – Yes I do.  My father’s is from the island of Kos, and my mother’s is from a small village just outside the city of Tripoli in the Peloponnese, in southern mainland of Greece.

GSC –  What do you like about Greece?

KI – My visit last year to Greece was amazing! I especially love the beaches and loved exploring new places and getting to know the locals. I wrote a blog on my time in Greece, to share and hopefully inspire my community to visit Greece too.



GSC – What exciting things do you have coming up with your successful tech-fitness brand?

KI – I’ve just released some new additions to my BBG and BBG Stronger programs within the Sweat app. In particular the new audio cues feature, which allows women to feel as though they are having a one-on-one training session with me. I also can’t wait to see the BBG Community working together through the new challenges feature and sharing their journey on the Sweat forum. As always, continuing to connect and reach women all over the world is an ongoing goal of mine, and I hope to have the opportunity in the future to meet more of the empowering women who make up this community.


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